Jordan To Be In Neighbours?!

March 31, 2010 by  
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Despite being attacked by several harmless yet minging animals on her last trip to Oz, Katie Price seems set to appear in the legendary Aussie soap Neighbours.

According to reports, the lastest series of her reality show What Katie Did Next has been received very well down under, and Neighbours bosses are lining her up for a cameo performance when she travels to Australia to film the next run of episodes for her reality show later this year.

“The guys on Ramsay Street are keen to get her on for a one-off. Like Lily Allen last year. Who knows, Katie and Alex could be the next Kylie and Jason,” said a show source.

Jordan’s fans will be relieved to hear that she will be playing herself and not a new Erinsborough resident. Anyone who has watched the latest series of What Katie Did Next will know that her talent for accents is not good. Too put it mildly.

sonia says:

especially the brum accent

miami1 says:

hahahahahaha especially the brum one!