Susan Boyle To Support Rage Against The Machine?

March 30, 2010 by  
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It almost made me choke on my Shreddies but apparently Rage Against The Machine have asked Susan Boyle to support them when they play their free gig in Finsbury Park this summer.

They’re playing the free show after their 1992 single Killing In The Name beat X-Factor contestant Joe McElderry’s entry The Climb for the number one spot last Christmas.

Frontman and all-round megastar Zach de la Rocha told The Sun, “”I really hope there are no hard feelings with Simon [Cowell]. He seemed to think that it was a bullying campaign but the truth is the British people wanted a change.”

“I don’t think anybody has heard anything of that Joe guy since Christmas, but we have nothing against him. The truth is Simon’s shows occasionally produce talent.”

He went on to say, “We love Susan Boyle, she is hot. To show there are no hard feelings we would like her to perform with us on stage this summer.

“She is a great vocalist and we would love to perform ‘Killing In The Name’ with her. Everybody knows her in the US and she can add her vocals to anything. It would be an honour for us.”

MookieTheBruce says:

An opportunity for Boyle to channel her Inner Joe Cocker!

I’d love to see it.