Holby City Review: Carry On Doctor

March 30, 2010 by  
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HOLBY CITY: Tuesday 30th March, BBC1, 8pm ALERT ME

Holby City’s still plugging away on BBC1 and if you’re not doing anything else tonight, you should give it a watch because I think we’re all missing out.

The characters are consistently well-written and though it doesn’t have the meaty, issue-driven plotlines of EastEnders, you’ll still get a good dose of drama.

Tonight will see Valentine siblings Oliver and Penny being the subject of a bet between super surgeons Connie and Elliot. They think that Gemma Arterton lookalike Penny doesn’t have what it takes to lead, so they heap all the responsibilities onto her shoulders for the day. But Oliver shows his sneaky side as he plans to outdo his sister and steal a spot on an interesting surgery that should be given to Penny.

And though he comes onto her throughout the day, Oliver can’t seem to impress new nurse Roberta who sees right through him and his scheming ways. He’s turning into the typically arrogant, good looking doctor and could end up being the future bad guy of the ward if he’s not careful.

Maria is still dealing with her compensation case after hurting her back at work. Mark’s supporting her against the evil fish-lipped Vanessa who wants the case dropped, but how far will Mark go to stand up for Maria?

Everyone’s favourite bitchy surgical registrar, Jac Naylor, gets a surprise on the ward when a stranger is admitted who turns out to be her mother. After abandoning Jac when she was a child, there’s a lot tension between the two which isn’t helped by Jac’s cold demeanour. Played fabulously by Rosie Marcel, Jac’s storyline looks set to be very emotional in coming episodes and we may even get to see a softer side to the ice queen.

Holby City’s not the most exciting show on TV but it’s a solid drama with emotional grounding and good humour, so I’m continually baffled as to why no one seems to be watching it.