Dancing On Ice – Westbrook: “I Don’t Like Stick Thin”

March 30, 2010 by  
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Daniella Westbrook has revealed that she was to put back on the weight she lost after filming Dancing On Ice.

The former EastEnders star told Closer that she disliked slimming down to a size 6 with all the training she’s been doing which saw her lose one and a half stone.

“I lost a lot of weight on the show. I was 9st and a size 8 to 10, now I’m a size 6. It’s really in the last four weeks that it’s dropped off”

“I had to go shopping and get a new wardrobe, but I didn’t go mad and buy loads of things, as within a month I’ll probably be back to a size 8. I don’t like being stick thin and I feel like I’ve got a bit bony in places but, trust me, now that I’m no longer skating that’ll soon be gone!”

“If anything I feel too thin. It’s nice to look in the mirror and think you look trim, but I don’t like being stick thin, it’s not a good look.”

She added: “Doing this has shown me that regular exercise does work, I actually don’t need to have any surgery!”

A positive message indeed. And if being too in shape’s all you’ve got to worry about then you’re laughing right. Just keep the OTB biscuit tin away from me ok?