Simon Pegg ‘US Spaced Was Painful To Watch’

March 29, 2010 by  
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We all know what a televisual gem Spaced was and what a travesty the US version turned out to be, and now Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes have commented on the TV translation.

On the red carpet for the Empire movie awards, Pegg and Hynes, co-creators of the show, spoke to Digital Spy.

Hynes didn’t seem too upset by the remake, largely because she was intoxicated when she first saw it. “I had watched that a long time ago with Edgar and Simon at Simon’s house. I was very stoned so it was quite a pleasant experience.”

Fair dos. Simon seemed a little more put out that his televisual child had been abused by Americans. “It was a hard watch, you know, without any disrespect to the people that were in it because they’re just actors doing their job. I think the people that made it completely and utterly misread what the original was about. It was painful to watch.

The people that were in it were perfectly lovely and I’m sure they’ll do very well.”