Dancing On Ice: Gardiner Fears Axe

March 29, 2010 by  
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Subzero Mr Nasty, Jason Gardiner has revealed that he fears he could be axed from Dancing On Ice due to the controversy surrounding his judging style.

He’s usually harsh but fair but occasionally he’s stepping way past the line, notably when he said Sharron Davies was “faecal matter that won’t flush” in a live broadcast – a remark which attracted 443 complaints.

He told The Sun,”It hasn’t been a very easy year for me. Producers might turn around and say they don’t need that kind of heat on a family show.”

He added that his bitchy remarks about fellow judge Karen Barber’s love life have left him in the doghouse as well.

“I’m not in her good books. Any of us are replaceable. I’ve heard they want to try new things next year.”

Gardiner’s remarks come despite previous reports which suggested that he had already agreed a new deal with the programme’s bosses.

Jan Wills says:

I have got to the stage where I think Jason should be replaced. I always admired him as a judge, because he spoke sense, but this year he has just gone too far, and upset too many people.


I think Jason is the Best judge on the programe he’s honest with what he tells the contestants.I have watched the show from the very first series and if jason goes i won’t be watching it any more