The Bill Is Axed After 27 Years

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Nee nor nee nor no more – The Bill has been axed after 27 years.

The long-running police drama is to be pulled in the autumn following a gradual decline in viewing figures.

ITV’s director of programming Peter Fincham said: “Times change, and so do the tastes of our audience.?

Producers Talkback Thames fear the closure of Sun Hill cop shop “may result in a significant number of redundancies? for the company.

Last year the show’s regular two prime-time sixty-minute slots were ditched for a single hour after the watershed.

The Bill began in 1983 with a one-off drama about a police officer called Woodentop. It spurned 12 hour-long episodes that proved massively popular with viewers.

By 1988 there were three half-hour shows a week. In 1998 the programme went out in two one-hour episodes a week.

Audiences have numbered four million in recent months compared with seven million five years ago.

ITV said the decision was solely a creative one and not to cut costs.

Fincham said: “Whilst The Bill will come to an end in 2010, we will continue to invest more in drama programming than any other commercial broadcaster in the UK.”

So long Sun Hill!

Tom says:

I agree, it was good viewing until it was decided, by others, one assumes based upon viewing figures to change the format.Loved the show more before the changes.

Steve says:

I’m another one who agrees, The Bill was a brilliant show until the format was changed. I was an avid watcher without fail for years, more recently I have missed episodes here and there. It will be a crying shame to see a show with such potential leave our screens after 27 years just because of some unnecessary fiddling! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Sammy says:

Oh God!! a huge shock i just clicked on the article link praying it wouldn’t be true! 🙁 i loved the show but i agree that since the format change i have gradually missed a lot of episodes and now find it a chore to watch the programme. I’ve been watching the show for a number of years and i will be extremeley sad to see it go but if the old format was to return the bill would gather a lot more of the audience back. I still remember the best episodes in the past with characters such as phil, and di nixon!

Angelaruk says:

Bill axed after 27 years …

How wrong can they be – it’s not the audience’s tastes that have changed – they decided to ruin a very successful show by changing the format. I was an avid watcher right up until they made the changes – viewing figures would probably still have been 7m if they’d left well alone!!