Pineapple Dance Studios: Dancing Queen

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PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIOS: Sunday 28th March, Sky One, 5pm ALERT ME

Probably the campest programme in telly history, Pineapple Dance Studios has quickly gained cult status. Regularly harpooned by Harry Hill on TV Burp, this ‘docu-soap’ follows the staff of the famous (though not before this programme) Pineapple rehearsal rooms in Covent Garden.

The focus of the show is on the lisping Louis Spence – a man so camp he pisses rainbows.

Forever breaking out into bouts of random dancing you’ll either love or hate this fame-desperate 40-year-old. He’s constantly pulling faces, mincing around and back-stabbing while doing nothing to justify his job title of ‘artistic director’ – whatever that means.

Dubbed by The Sun as Britain’s Campest Man, Louie is so flamboyant you wonder whether he’s mentally sound. Be warned – he’s all too keen to flaunt the fact he can kick his leg up above his head – giving viewers an unwelcome eyeful.

But while Louis is aware of his ridiculousness the real tragic figure is that of studio instructor Andrew Stone.

Looking like an aging A1 reject, this deluded nancy is pinning all hopes of stardom on his Scissor Sisters rip-off band Starman. The sadness of this character lies in his genuine self-belief. But it’s hard to pity him because he’s such a prat.

“I’m not in showbusiness, I am showbusiness? he says. No Andrew you’re a, never mind.

Narrating the tales from studios is veteran journalist Michael Burke. He brings the same level of gravitas to the job as he did when reporting famine in Ethiopia, never hinting at how insanely eccentric he must find the subject matter. It’s an odd match but one that somehow works.

It’s all hissy-fits and histrionics but for some strange reason, really addictive viewing. It will rouse fits of rage but it’s just too hard to turn off.

The Sound Guy says:

It’s going completely over your head, all of those one-liners etc that Andrew comes out with are very definitely tongue-in-cheek. You either get it or you don’t – guessing you don’t.

L Shields says:

Nancy is an oldfashioned and ugly word – if you mean he’s gay, then you haven’t watched the show, as he is straight.