Lost Review: Richard Finally Revealed

March 26, 2010 by  
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LOST: Friday 26th March, SKY1, 9pm ALERT ME

For those patient OTB readers who watch Lost on a regular basis, you’ll understand me when I say season six could not have come sooner, and so far it has not let us down. A rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs, the show is now rewarding those of us who have had the stamina to keep up by providing glimpses of precious information and clues, whilst still managing to throw in a few more questions at the same time.

This episode marks the halfway point in the final helping and continues in the same explosive fashion we have enjoyed so far this time out. Entitled ‘Ab Aeterno’, it focuses on the character of Ricardo ‘Richard’ Albert (played by Nestor Carbonell), who has been given the gift of agelessness after reaching the island – but is it good fortune, or an endless curse? A mysterious and intriguing character due to his connection to Jacob and the black smoke, viewers of Lost (or should that be addicts?) have been keen to find out more about Richard. So far we have only been teased with snippets of information, though after this episode I promise you we won’t look at him in the same way again.

Without giving away too much about the episode, let’s just say that you find out more about a certain ship in the middle of the jungle, and how Richard came to be one of the islands ‘oldest’ inhabitants. There’s also a special mention of a particular statue with four toes that was somehow damaged in the past. Hell – I won’t say anymore, I wouldn’t wont you dribbling on your keyboard.

Roll on next week’s episode, entitled ‘The Package’. Hopefully by that time I’ll have had enough time to digest tonight’s offering, and probably another load of questions to add to my growing pile. Just nine episodes to go now. Hold on tight, because this rollercoaster of a series is going faster than ever before!