EastEnders: Just The Two Of Us

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EASTENDERS: Friday 26th March, BBC1, 8pm ALERT ME

It may be the norm for Coronation Street storylines to play out at glacial pace, but in Walford a plot which takes three months to wrap itself up is considered very extended indeed.

Bradley has died, Jean looks more stressed than Ashley Cole’s PR man and just about everyone (apart from Stacey of course) has been arrested, but at last, during this EastEnders special, we should get a gushing ‘who killed Archie’ denouement.

Tonight’s episode will be one of those glorious two-handers (an episode that includes just two characters) which pounds out a subject until it’s done to death or the police turn up – usually both occur at around about the same time. That means there will be no more skulking about in the garden with Lucas or wasting time on any other storyline which will not take off until this muoyda is sorted.

If this tete-a-tete is anything like previous specials of this nature – few EastEnders fans will forget the Phil & Grant, and to a lesser extent Dot & Den episodes of recent years – then we are in for a treat.

In last night’s episode Max took a break from groping Stacey’s best and freakiest mate Becca to track the troubled widow down to a flat about 100 yards from the Queen Vic (bounty hunting is easy work in Walford). As far as we know, he is the only person who knows that it was Stacey wot done the crime last month, but what else will he force out of her in the next 30 minutes?

Given that Stacey probably had more reason to whack Archie than anyone has ever had for killing another person in the history of recorded time, it’s odd that we didn’t realise it was her earlier. But now that her secret is out, will Max blow the lid or will Stacey get some twisted justice and get away with her highly provoked crime? Hopefully we’ll know soon enough.