The Door Teaser Trailer

March 25, 2010 by  
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“In the name of entertainment, which celebrity would the public like to see locked in a small room with a deadly snake?” That’s the question that ITV bosses must have been asking themselves when they dreamt up The Door, a special gameshow to be aired on Friday and Saturday night of next weekend.

Bear Grylls? They must have thought. No he would just eat that poor serpent, they probably reasoned, and no doubt Kerry Katona was rejected for similar reasons. Then the answer hit them: “Dean Gaffney is our man!” one cried. “Get him at any cost, for I fear this show’s success hinges upon the ugly little cockney!”

And so here it is folks, Dean Gaffney avec snake. “A snake is a snake!” He says wisely after escaping said room of peril.

The Door will push six celebrities to the limit as they take on the challenge of enduring a multitude of tests, all delicately designed to instil in them a mix of emotions, as they discover what lies behind the eponymous door.

Actors Dean Gaffney, Louisa Lytton, Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine, Boyzone’s Keith Duffy join television presenter Michael Underwood and The Saturday’s singer Frankie Sandford as they compete against each other in the ultimate celebrity endeavour contest. Presiding over the entertaining thrills and spills is Chris Tarrant and Amanda Holden, who will be on hand to prepare the celebrities for what lies ahead and provide detailed commentary from their insider vantage point.

The Door airs Friday 2nd at 9pm and Saturday 3rd at 8.25pm on ITV1.