Countdown Almost F*^%~d

March 25, 2010 by  
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Like a broken clock which tells the correct time twice a day, sometimes even Countdown is entertaining.

There are few things as funny as watching a television presenter struggle to ignore an elephant – on this occasion in the form of a naughty word – in the corner of the studio.

And yesterday Daily Mail reading pensioners were once again hovering over their phones, in the hope that someone would offend them and give them an excuse to call Ofcom for the fourth time that afternoon. Well someone has to maintain national decency.

On Wednesday’s episode of Countdown the letters F,U,C,K,E and D were drawn. While Mary Whitehouse span in her grave, no one actually had the balls to go for the obvious six letter word, with both contestants bottling it and going for ‘caged’ and ‘faced’. They missed out on some points there…

Mr White says:

I watch countdown at every chance I get and after reading the report by someone about some letters that are revealed on the board, those letters just can not be helped as there are chosen randomly, no one knows what letters will appear next so if people don’t like the words that could have been chosen (but may have been dis-allowed) don’t have to watch the program or they could just ignore the what unnecessary words are there and think of better words instead. I will always watch countdown as I like trying to think of words and like doing the numbers game as well.