Winner’s Dinner’s Gone Cold

March 24, 2010 by  
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Michael Winner’s Dining Stars is facing being chopped from the TV schedule after just one series. This will come as a blow to all those of you who would welcome the sight of a rich, bloated posh man coming round to dinner at your gaff, criticising the free food you provide, and then trundling home in a complimentary taxi.

Indeed, not surprisingly, the smug film-maker’s show has been a flop, and apart from the fact it was a doomed premise for a TV show, it faced stern opposition in a prime-time Friday night slot. If stats are your thing: apparently the show fell a massive 2.5 million viewers short of its required amount.

Unashamedly stealing the Come Dine With Me formula, ITV bosses apparently regret not placing Michael Winner’s Dining Stars in a daytime slot. Personally, I don’t see any time of day that could have made Winner and his sickly asides palatable. 4:00 am perhaps?

An ITV source said: “ITV executives really believed in the show, but it just didn’t work out. Programmes just can’t survive with rating that low in a 9pm slot.?