Russell Howard’s Good News: Weak Mocking

March 24, 2010 by  
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RUSSELL HOWARD’S GOOD NEWS: Thursday 25th March, BBC Three, 10.30pm ALERT ME

Whether or not you’ll like Russell Howard’s Good News depends solely on whether or not you like Russell Howard.

A lot of people clearly do. The Somerset comic gave BBC 3 its biggest viewing figures for an entertainment programme. Since securing a regular slot on Mock The Week he’s become a panel show staple and fills theatres with his stand-up routines.

His DVDs fly off the shelves, Beeb bosses have already commissioned a third series – am I alone in just not getting it?

Good News is basically a cross between Mock The Week and Russell Brand’s Ponderland. The 30-year-old pokes fun at various news stories from the previous few days and introduces clips of eighties corporate videos and celebrity gaffs.

To appeal to the yoof and get all multimeeja and interactive, viewers can Twitter in news stories they have spotted, to recieve the Howard treatment.

It lacks the satire or wit of Have I Got News For You with Howard relying on straight-forward studenty sarcasm to get his laughs. The news items are funny on their own, without Howard repeating what’s just been heard in a high-pitched voice.

When the world has Charlie Brooker and his dissection of the media in Newswipe, anything similar will seem grossly substandard.

But, as you can probably tell, I don’t like Howard’s humour that much. If you do then it doesn’t get much better than a half-hour of him doing his thing. Yet although his material is freshly plucked from the papers each week, if you’re not a fan, you might feel like you’ve seen it all before.