Skins Movie In The Works *Groan*

March 23, 2010 by  
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We love Skins and the last thing we’d want is for one bad decision ruin the precious memories we have of the show. So you can imagine our dismay when we heard that a movie based on the series is in the works.

We’re just curious as to why this is necessary – turning a show into a movie is usually something you do after it’s been cancelled. It’s even more odd given the fact that Skins will continue for another two years and has pulled in consistently good viewing figures.

According to The Guardian, Jack Thorne, writer of Scouting Book For Boys, has been given the job of penning a script for a Film4 movie of the show.

The film will reportedly feature characters from all four seasons, and though it would be nice to see them again, would the energy be better spent on the actual series?

And Thorne has already written five episodes of Skins but does that make him qualified to write an entire movie?

Let us know if you’re looking forward to a Skins movie or not, drop a comment down below.

claire says:

i hate that you are comparing this to any regular tv show.
skins is not like sex and the city or any other such long running series.

skins is the first of its kind with short seasons (ten or less episodes), complemented by mini ‘unseen’ episodes, character video diaries and complete replacements of characters every two seasons. this means skins is not following a standard format, they are creating their own and maybe a full feature length film will fit perfectly into this design.

making this movie is not about increasing ratings, it is about developing each character further and possibly tying up some of the many loose ends. due to the short seasons (especially season 4) there are some characters who have missed out on major screen time (pandora, anyone?), and this film will help us see more of their story.

the movie will enable links to be established between all three generations and it will be amazing too see what the first generation are up too. i for one am so excited about this movie and think it will add more depth to skins and also add to closure certain characters + storylines.

john says:

i would love it,