Health Laws Hold Up Heidi Montag’s Boob Job

March 23, 2010 by  
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Heidi Montag has revealed that she cannot increase her already hefty bust as she’s reached the legal limit of silicone.

‘Star’ of The Hills told late night chatshow host Jay Leno how her plans had been scuppered.

“I legally can’t right now. The limit is 800cc and I have 700cc.”

Gross. “I think I’ve reached the point. I think I’m good for a while. I’m surgeried out.”

Any chance your fed up of being in the public eye? Of course not – we’ll see her in the upcoming Adam Sandler movie that she filmed a cameo for, Just Go For It.

“I don’t think I am addicted. When you’re addicted, you have to do it every day, and thank God I don’t do it everyday. I like to do it all in one day … knock it out.”

“It’s excruciating, but beauty is pain.”

But what Heidi has forgotten is that it’s only worth the pain if you actually end up looking beautiful.