Cilla Black To Join Corrie?

March 23, 2010 by  
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Everyone’s favourite flame-haired Liverpudlian Cilla Black is considering taking on a cameo role in Coronation Street.

The Blind Date star has been asked to appear many times over the years but has always been put off by the long hours put in by cast members.

But Cilla, 66, recently revealed to the Daily Mirror that if the right role came along and it wasn’t too much to handle, she’d be in.

“They have asked me to join the show. It’s not their first approach – they have asked me several times. I love Corrie, but I keep saying no.
I couldn’t cope with all the hours they do, they work them like dogs. It’s really hard work.”

“It would be nice to do a cameo, but even Ian McKellen worked long hours when he did it for a while. If the role was right, I would do a one-off thing.”

What kind of character would you like to see Cilla play? A saucy temptress trying to seduce Norris? Or maybe a fiesty barmaid ready to throwdown with Betty over whose hotpot was better.