Sport Relief: Charity Racquet

March 19, 2010 by  
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SPORTS RELIEF: Friday 19th March, BBC1, 7pm ALERT ME

It might all be in the name of charity, but BBC bosses must have been enjoying themselves into the bargain when they sent the Match of the Day team off to film a special episode of Masterchef.

Yes, tonight sees the climax of what has been as epic Sport Relief campaign, and TV celebrities (sporting and otherwise) will probably be slightly relieved when all this good fun in the name of a good cause is finally over.

If you thought Gary Linekar and Co. had it tough, spare a thought for the Dragons’ Den stars who have been roped into doing a bit of Strictly Come Dancing. Duncan Bannatyne in a Tutu? Probably not, but it should make for excellent viewing.

Mixed in with all these little gems will be updates on the athletic challenges undertaken by other celebrities in the name of charity. Christine Bleakley’s trans-Channel water-skiing effort was truly admirable, but even that seems insubstantial when compared to Eddie Izzard’s staggering 43 marathons in 51 days. Talk about setting the bar high…

Speaking of which, we are all hoping that this year’s total will exceed the 2008 high-water mark of £19million (£5.5m of which was donated by one annonymous caller). When the presenters cut away to those heart breaking appeal films, picking up the phone to make a donation seems like the easiest decision in the world.