New South Park Review: Got Woods

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SOUTH PARK SERIES 14 PREMIERE: Friday 19th March, COMEDY CENTRAL, 10.30pm (*Repeated Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

We expect an awful lot of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, but even by their standards, this is quite a coup.

‘Sexual Healing’ attracted more viewers than any South Park season premiere since 1999 when it aired in the US on Wednesday, and it will surely go on to take its place of honour among the other classic episodes (of which there have been several).

As the government trys to find out “why rich, powerful men want to sleep with as many women as they can”, the list of celebrities lampooned as sex addicts is extensive. During the trademark knee-jerk outcry, Kyle and Butters (who else) are soon diagnosed as suffering from the new illness and forced into rehab with Bill Clinton, David Duchovny, and David Letterman.

Ashley Cole, John Terry and Mark Owen are presumably still on the waiting list…

Parker and Stone have made us laugh while using much smaller nuances of American culture, but when afforded such a rich and widespread vein of subject matter they excel. They have feasted on other stories which capture the public interest in a similar way before – lest we forget the 2004 Michael Jackson episode – but they are utterly in their element here.

The often dominant Cartman, has only a handful of lines in the whole half hour.

It would probably be unwise to use this excellent episode as a yardstick for the upcoming series, but it definitely proves that given the right ammunition, South Park is just as capable of shooting down American society with a bullet of its own making, as it ever was in the past.