Titchmarsh Gets Covered In Horse Sh*t

March 18, 2010 by  
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At times, coming up with a headline for a story is an arduous process. But on other occasions they just write themselves…

Any normal TV presenter would have panicked when a horse did its business in the middle of their studio during a show, but not Alan Titchmarsh.

The green-fingered host was riding a chariot pulled by the cheeky nag when it cr*pped on the floor, but he quickly hopped off and scooped it up with his bare hands.

“He knows I’m a gardener,” said Titchmarsh as he gathered up the stinky mess, before assuring viewers. “That will be on the roses by this evening!”

Two weeks ago a chicken also soiled his suit on his ITV1 chat-show. When will Alan get the message?