Museum Of Life Review: Exhibit A

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MUSEUM OF LIFE : Thursday 18th March, BBC 2, 8pm ALERT ME

If you’re a parent who’s absolutely dreading the school holidays then you might want to check out Museum Of Life tonight – it could well be the answer to your child-herding prayers.

In this first episode of the new nature series, Jimmy Doherty and a team of wildlife enthusiasts explore the past, present and future as they showcase the delights of London’s Natural History Museum.

Over the next six weeks, the team will travel all over the world to find out just what exactly the museum does apart from showcase stuffed lions, tigers and bears. In this episode, amongst other things, they’re off to Mauritius to study giant tortoises.

If you can get past the fact that this show is something you could well be watching in your school science lessons, it’s not too bad. There’s a wealth of information which is put across in an enthusiastic way, without being either boring or patronising. It’s not essential to have an interest in science to enjoy this, as long as you like to be interested, this is good viewing.

There’s a lot going on in this episode; we delve into the work of Darwin, learn how to charm worms, catch mosquitoes in Kent, make moulds of important fossils and discover the secrets of the museum itself.

For example, did you know that the Diplodocus skeleton that greets you at the museum entrance is actually a plaster cast? Yeah, I was actually a little disappointed to learn that, as was David Attenborough who talks to Jimmy about the relevance of the museum to the modern scientific community.

If you’re looking to get your kids interested in science then watch this show with them and get them down to the museum over the holidays, as it clearly still has a lot to offer. It was also great to take a peek behind the scenes and meet the people who make discoveries that change our perceptions of the world.