Skins Finale Review: End Of An Era

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SKINS: Thursday 18th March, E4, 10pm ALERT ME

Well folks, it’s the end of another two years at Roundview College…

We’ve become quite close to the latest Skins cast in that time. Lesbianism, drugs, drink, promiscuity, more drugs, suicide, obsession and recently, murder – this lot have done it all.

However we’re not too down about the end of this series as the show has been renewed for another two seasons. Good news for us, not such good news for teachers in Bristol…

But I’ll admit that I’m going to miss this batch of characters; Indeed Panda will have a special place in my heart forever. Whizzer!

So, after last’s week shock ending, everyone and their mum will be tuning in to find out how the season will turn out. For various reasons, everyone ends up living at Naomi’s place, including Cook who’s still a fugitive.

With Freddie mysteriously gone, his sister Karen hits up all of his friends for information and guilts Cook into looking for him. Naomi and Emily are still struggling to overcome Naomi’s infidelity and Mandy doesn’t help the situation by trying to get into Emily’s pants.

JJ’s fairly neglected in this episode which is a shame but there’s plenty of other stuff to be getting on with.

Oh and for anyone who felt the urge to give psycho John the Therapist a good kicking, then you won’t be disappointed by the climax. What goes around comes around.

It’s full of funny one liners and the kind of emotional turmoil only your teenage years and a Skins episode can provide. The writing is still top notch, especially Naomi’s heartbreaking plea to Emily and though you might not like the way the stories tie up, most fans will be satisfied.

The finale has everything we’ve come to love and expect from this show and then some. Roll on season five.

maddy says:

Seriously? It was all you had come to love about this show?
If these last two episodes were what Skins had to show for itself, I wouldn’t watch it at all.