New Bang Goes The Theory Review: Oil Be Damned

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BANG GOES THE THEORY: Monday 15th March, BBC2, 7.30pm ALERT ME

Some lucky people excelled in science class during their school days, the rest of us had to copy and bluff our way through, ignorant of the fact that future employers probably wouldn’t be asking us to recite Ohm’s law in future job interviews.

But if you were really lucky, then your science lessons were given by an enthusiastic teacher with a bit of eccentricity and a penchant for visually impressive yet educationally-lite experiments.

Bang Goes The Theory is kind of like that kind of teacher. Full of deliciously complicated facts, but just about unsciencey enough to enjoy.

This first episode of the new series tackles all the big questions; can we make a parsnip travel at warp speed with a simple fire extinguisher? Can we identify burgulars without DNA evidence? And most importantly, what the hell are we going to do about our planet’s rapidly depleting oil resources?

“This is crude oil,” says Dallas Campbell. “We are currently getting through 85 million barrels a day. This is a big problem…” he continues, brow set to ‘deep furrow’. Yet with that, he switches straight back to Jem Stansfield and his comical attempt to create a car powered simply by foam.

‘Hang on a minute!’ we shout. ’85 million barrels a day!’ What have we done to ourselves? That’s an an obscene amount for any species to be guzzling. In the Galactic version of Celebrity Fit Club, Harvey Walden IV would be stamping our faces into the mud and demanding yet more press-ups, long after the rest of the Milky Way had hit the showers.

But that doesn’t seem to matter too much to Liz Bonin et al. They obviously feel a cursory reminder is all that’s required. “We’re still not doing too well on the oil front I’m afraid guys, remember, when it’s gone it’s gone. Now to a supermarket where we’ve created a white marmite…”