Glee Cast & Crew Spill About Upcoming Episodes

March 15, 2010 by  
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In honour of today being a Glee day, we thought you might like an insight into what’s coming up in the rest of the series. If you don’t want to be spoiled in any way, then LOOK AWAY NOW.

OK we haven’t exactly uncovered a second Da Vinci Code here, but we have discovered that Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, will be definitely getting a love interest this season.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy told E! News that Kurt will have a boyfriend and it’s going to be a happy time for the character rather than an angsty storyline.

“He’s very different, but equally fabulous. I want them to be the power couple of the school. I’m not interested in him [Kurt] being gay bashed. I’m interested in him being popular and confident and a role model.”

Meanwhile, Cheerio coach and spawn of Satan Sue Slyvester, will finally get a nemesis that isn’t Mr. Schuester. Jane Lynch revealed to Zap2It that Molly Shannon will join the cast and will give Sue a run for her money.

“She makes me cry. Molly Shannon’s character is meaner than me and she’s a floozy drunk who had to leave her last school for being inappropriate with the students. And she is the only person, probably on the planet, who can intimidate Sue Sylvester.

At one point I tell her, ‘Get out of my grill or I will kick you square in the vagina’… she gets Sue’s goat. She’s the only one in the school that [Sue] cowers around.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Jane also spoke about How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris is joining the cast to play a bad guy.

“I have a terrific scene with Neil. He plays a great, kind of has-been character who used to be a glee clubber and now is all bitter about any musical dreams. And he’s on the school board now and wants to cut the glee club and I’m of course in favour of that.”