Victoria – A Royal Love Story Review: Queen Of Hearts

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Every girl dreams of that fairytale romance where a handsome prince sweeps you off your feet, but never before has a fantasy been so out of reach for so many.

But lucky old Queen Victoria found herself a prince and didn’t do a bit of sweeping in her life. The Cow.

Nearly two centuries ago Victoria and Prince Albert were a couple of young royals in love, and Fiona Bruce has decided to dig around their private lives to rub their smug romance in our unfulfilled faces.

Roaming around Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, Fiona shows us how Albert and Victoria built a life together and constantly expressed their love through extravagant tokens like statues and paintings, many of which were pretty saucy for Victorian England.

It was a very interesting look inside the lives of royalty and showed a side of Victoria I never knew existed (up until this point I had always thought of her as old and miserable, with a face like her bust in the EastEnders pub). However she was not only a talented sketch artist but a total sauce pot whose romance with Albert was the envy of Europe.

When they were sick of the city, the pair often skipped off to Balmoral where they could live the high life in the highlands. The Queen requested that bagpipes be played loudly almost everywhere she went and decorated her chambers completely in tartan. We like it on a kilt now and again but we wouldn’t wanna play ‘toss the caber’ in a totally tartan bedroom.

The show is really just a sneak peek of an London exhibition that will showcase Victoria and Albert’s treasures, some for the first time. There are many commissioned paintings, items of jewellery, ornaments and one present that drew particular attention. As a gift to his lady love, Albert had a special vanity mirror made for Victoria which had cherubs dotted all around the frame, stealing kisses and glancing at the viewer, oh and it had a crown on top.

We’re totally not jealous. It’s not like we don’t get special, romantic presents too – how many of you got a Snickers and a £3 bottle of wine for Valentines? Exactly.

Victoria and Albert’s possessions, and in fact their lives were very beautiful and watching the programme feels like sneaking into someone’s house and reading their love letters; very enjoyable.