Undercover Princesses Review: Love In The Supermarket

March 13, 2010 by  
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It’s hard enough being single these days without having to come up with an excuse for it.

“I just haven’t met the right one?
“They’re all too ugly?
“I’m too ugly?

While all the above may be true, they’re not impossible to get around while still maintaining standards and avoiding beer goggles. If you’re a Ugandan princess who has never set foot in a supermarket, however, things might prove more difficult.

Meet Sheila, who’s waiting for her man, ‘like the second coming of Jesus.’ Thank god, literally, for the person who commissioned this latest reality show where three princesses from Africa, Germany and India fly to the UK in an attempt to find love.

They’ve all taken up ‘normal’ jobs and flirty German princess Gaby wastes no time asking out Elliot, her colleague from the hair salon.

“I can’t understand why she can’t get a date in her native country,” Elliot says under a floppy fringe. He’s not on the scene for long, though; after Gaby discovers firemen and tattoos she never looks back.

Meanwhile, Sheila’s off to ASDA. Not for food, mind – she’s off to shop for a man. Never has the line, ‘So, you’re a mushroom lover like me’ sounded so erotic. After the longest handshake ever recorded, she secures a date that completely restores my faith in the vegetable section.

Indian princess Aliyah is not so plucky, instead turning to lonely hearts columns for someone who can match up to her status (oh, dear). After receiving tips from a dating “expert”, she stares in silence at her polar opposite on a blind date. Can someone say, ‘tumbleweed?’

There’s something touching about this programme that shows the girls genuinely up for a good time and celebrating their newfound freedom from their royal reigns. In any case, it proves there’s lots of willing singletons out there – you’ve just been looking in the wrong supermarkets.