Celebrity Come Dine With Me Review: Big-Mouth Strikes Again

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CELEBRITY COME DINE WITH ME: Sunday 14th March, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

Ahhh Come Dine With Me… If it wasn’t for Top Gear, the outrageously popular cult programme would be on our screens more often than anything else – and let’s face it, that show has its own channel*.

Women love it, men pretend they don’t love it and Larry Lamb has become a Facebook god because of it, but unfortunately the celebrity version is often bereft of the candid bitchiness which lights up the episodes contested by various commoners with delusions of culinary grandeur.

Yet despite the absence of our regular quiptastic narrator, tonight’s show is refreshingly entertaining. Veteran comedian Tom O’Connor, biblically annoying jungle-dweller Kym Woodburn, cheerful Claire Sweeney and ‘love-rat’ Darren Day are competing for the prize this week, and you can imagine from which direction most of the controversey flows…

Tom O’Connor and Darren Day muddle through without making themselves look too foolish (although O’Connor seems to have constructed his whole act from a box of Christmas crackers) but Kym Woodburn really is the centre of attention. And not in a good way.

The How Clean Is Your House star is as hypocritical, ignorant and downright-rude as usual, and despite constructing a menu which included boil-in-the-bag rice, she manages to bad-mouth almost everything that is placed in front of her. Indeed after watching last year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, it seems this woman is literally incapable of having a conversation with anyone without speaking down to them.

To make matters worse she gets horrendously drunk on the first night and shamelessly ogles Darren Day. However the real cinch of the whole thing is that she is the protagonist who makes the whole thing so engaging in the first place.

Conneiseurs of the show will be familiar with the situation; one person ends up offending the rest of the contestants and in the same way as an argument on the bus draws every eye, we are unable to look away from this one-woman car crash.

It’s just a shame that no-one put her in her place – which clearly isn’t the kitchen.