League Of Their Own Review: Champion Quiz

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LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN: Thursday 11th March, Sky One, 9pm ALERT ME

Face it – Question Of Sport is beyond boring. In addition to being forced to look at the back of Sue Barker’s head for hours, the studio audience must be on something to laugh out loud at the never-ending forgettable facts and obscure stats.

Die hard fans still reminisce about the classic episode when Tuffers said Sheffield United when he meant Sheffield Wednesday. Oh, the hilarity.

Even the title is boring: Question of Sport – they must have spent the whole of two seconds coming up with that one.

Well those who like a giggle with their sporting knowledge can now rejoice as a new show is here: League Of Their Own.

Depending on which way you look at it, it’s basically a quiz-show version of Soccer AM or a sports version of Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff lead their two teams through a handful of rounds trying to notch up points, but most of the time is taken up with changing-room banter – in fact at first count there’s only five or so questions in the whole episode.

Host James Cordon, who has publicly apologised for his awful sketch show, is not to everyone’s liking and those who harbour hatred towards him should probably stay away. He takes up a lot of the show, and I’m not talking about his hefty size.

Heralded as a ‘wacky challenge of sporting knowledge’, there’s not a whole lot of sporting knowledge required. Even your granny could have a fair guess at puzzlers like – ‘Who has the most tattoos: Maradona or Chris Hoy?’ Someone’s granny might even know for that one for fact.

But what it’s lacking in sports it makes up for in laughs and, if you can stand an hour of Cordon, LOTO is well worth a watch. For fans still mourning the loss of They Think It’s All Over this could become a worthy replacement. It beats Matt Dawson (now there’s a thought) and his banal Question Of Sport antics any day.