Wrighty Puts Boot In Mouthy Messenger

March 10, 2010 by  
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Blabbermouth Ian Wright has claimed it was Melinda Messenger who was holding back the success of teatime “news� show Live From Studio Five.

The ex-England footballing star was quick to stick the boot into his co-host who has recently quit the programme.

In his Sun newspaper column Wright claimed she wouldn’t let him or other anchor Kate “The Apprentice� Walsh get a word in.

He said: “Melinda would drown us out so many times and it was annoying. People don’t want to turn on to see people arguing.â€?

People don’t want to turn on to see three dimwits talk turd about meaningless rubbish either Ian.

Wright also said he would like to interview Ashley Cole on the show to get his version of events regarding his split with Cheryl Cole.

He said: “I’d like to ask him, ‘What happened? What were you thinking?’. There are two sides to it.”

Five bosses are currently on the search for their third anchor – Emma Willis and Natalie Pinkham are filling in until they do.