Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience Review: Pure Filth

March 10, 2010 by  
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Putting your bin bags out is a pain in the arse and no one likes doing it. The bags smell, drip gross bin juice everywhere and rip at the last moment spilling decomposing food all over your shoes.

You might think that’s tough but it’s the bin men of the UK that are doing the hard part – one team of bag collecters will pick up 20 tonnes of our rubbish in one morning and for just above minimum wage too.

As part of a new series, Rhod Gilbert will take on different roles to find out what it’s like to have a proper job and he starts with being a bin man in his native Wales. It’s backbreaking work filled with the fragrant smells and questionable substances no one else would touch with a ten foot pole.

After a bit of training on how to correctly pick up a bin bag, Rhod is put to work. He starts work at 7am to make the rounds on doggy do-do duty at the Barry island beach, telling passersby to pick up their pooch’s leavings. Rhod makes even this off-putting subject amusing, chiming in every now and again with his cheeky narration.

Next comes a gruelling route of bag collecting. Rhod slogs up and down hills, slinging bags into the back of a rubbish truck affectionately known as Ethel. His comic talents are put to good use as he’s cracking jokes constantly and has enjoyable banter with the other refuse collectors. And kudos to them for being so fun on the job; I don’t think we’d be too happy at getting our faces splashed with bin juices everytime a bag is flung into the truck.

It’s not a particularly informative show and it’s not trying to expose the plight of your average bin man but it did highlight how hard the work really is. Our bin men are underappreciated and perhaps this episode will make you think twice before you curse them for being late to pick up your rubbish.

Rhod Gilbert is great fun and this show was quite literally trash-tastic. Next week: babystitting.