Telly Chef Barred For Swearing

March 9, 2010 by  
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My last effort at cooking a roast dinner resulted in a barrage of curses and a few tears but you’d think a professional chef would waltz through making something as simple as an omelette.

It appears not – banal BBC One cookery show Saturday Kitchen Live has been given a telling off by Ofcom after a chef swore live on air.

Chef Tom Kime muttered ‘—-ing hell’ under his breath during the Omelette Challenge – where guests have to cook a plain omelette in the shortest time.

The foul-mouthed remark, made during a show in December last year, went undetected by presenter James Martin and the production team until after the show.

The broadcasting watchdog said the incident breached rules on offensive language used before the watershed.

There’s something about the Omelette Challenge that brings out the worst in contestants.

A similar incident occurred last May when Michelin-starred chef Eric Chavot also swore while making the eggy snack.

The Beeb have decided to bar Tom Kime from the show. Perhaps he should have a shot at a spot on Channel 4 – they love their potty-mouthed cooks there.