Soap Gays Get Bitchy

March 8, 2010 by  
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It’s handbags at dawn in the soap world as Eastenders actor John Partridge brands Corrie character Sean Tully a “stereotype?.

Partridge, who plays Walford’s camp, vest-wearing, constantly-pouting Christian Clarke, said Sean was a “tea-time gay?.

The actor, 38, told Attitude magazine: “What I didn’t want as a stereotype was what I call a tea-time gay. The Sean Tully type of character is the reason my character is here.?

According to Partridge it was Sean Tully’s success on rival soap Coronation Street that made the BBC want its own gay character. However, Partridge was told his character would have to be the opposite of Sean, played by Antony Cotton.

Partridge said: “I’ve worked in theatre for 20 years and there are lots of queens in the West End that look and act like that.

“I’m not going to diss his performance or his style, or say ‘Who does he think he’s representing?’ because he is representing one of those shades of gay.?

Neil says:

While I agree that Antony Cotton/Sean Tully is a poor representation of gay men in general, I really REALLY think John Partridge’s comments are a case of the pot calling the kettle black! Sorry, but “camp, vest-wearing, constantly-pouting” gay guys are actually far more irritating than Sean Tully-types. From what I hear, the actor in real life is not too dissimilar to the character he portrays in EastEnders (no big surprise). Maybe one day the soaps will have the guts to introduce a genuinely non-stereotyped gay character. John Partridge, it ain’t you!!