One Born Every Minute Review: Here Comes The Pain

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ONE BORN EVERY MINUTE: Tuesday 9th March, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

In my opinion hospitals have always been pretty depressing places, so I was looking forward to a programme that might offer a more upbeat look at the sprawling, cash guzzling national treasure that is the NHS.

Well I was in for a nasty surprise! Being the naive young man that I am, I was expecting to see families doting over chuckling babies, men pacing corridors and children entering the world with the kind of silent dignity that our Lord Jesus managed all those years ago. He had to make do with nought but a stable and we never heard him complaining…

But back in the real world, maternity wards seem to be places of agony and ‘orrible procedures, all of which are carried out while a blood-curdling soundtrack plays endlessly in the background. Yes, life on a maternity ward is certainly no bed of roses!

This is obviously not news to the staff in this particular baby factory. They must have pretty much seen it all in their time welcoming new humans into the world.

This week we track Abbie, a 17 year-old who is having her first baby with the help of her paramedic mother and a supportive boyfriend who helps her by offering his finger to bite on. Our heart really goes out to 23 year-old Leoni though, she is understandably distressed after her baby refuses to appear despite being 10 days overdue. Emergency cesarean ahoy!

However as documentaries go, this isn’t quite as inspiring as it should be. What would undoubtedly be an exceptional one-off special, seems a bit stretched as a series.

People who have a vested interest will be watching avidly and women who are about to take a similar journey of their own might find One Born Every Minute comforting and instructive. But surely docs such as this have are commissioned to draw interest from people who might normally have passed on such a subject.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be enough material here to do that.