Eat Yourself Sexy Review: Fat Chance

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EAT YOURSELF SEXY: Monday 8th March, Discovery Real Time, 10pm ALERT ME

Sharon makes salad-dodging an art form and has the waistline to prove it. She’s 5’ 2?, weighs in at 270lbs and eats the equivalent of nine cheeseburgers a day.

Needless to say, she’s one wobbly woman. But never mind the heightened risk of heart attacks, diabetes and an early death – this hefty momma is most worried about the lack of action she is getting in the sack.

Just walking up the stairs brings her out in a sweat, so by the time she reaches the bedroom she can barely be bothered to get her clothes off, let alone get it on with her husband. Cue healthy food fascist Gillian McKeith who is going stateside to help fat Americans regain their lost libidos.

The celebrity nutritionist spends eight weeks with different couples, clearing their fridges of lardy snacks and replacing them with “wholesome natural foods?. The new options don’t look too appetising. Sharon describes Gillian’s buckwheat porridge as “turd in a bowl? which tastes like “wet cardboard?.

With her trademark no-nonsense approach Gillian forces Sharon down to the gym and gives her a strict diet in the hope she’ll shed some pounds.

The starting sequence promises participants will go from “saggy and stressed-out to sexy and stunning?. Sharron does appear a little less stressed but sexy and stunning would be pushing it.

Nonetheless her long suffering husband (who despite having a very slight Hispanic accent is given full subtitles every time he speaks) can vouch for the fact the passion between has been given a boost – thankfully, viewers can just take his word for it.

Sharon transformation is so slight, you wonder whether they shot the whole thing in a day. Gillian’s advice is sparse and there isn’t too much information to help those wanting to lose their belly bulges.

And the way she keeps eyeing up the fatty-food option, you might guess the only time Sharon will be running again is for the ice cream van.