House Review: Return of the Quack

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HOUSE: Sunday 7th March, SKY1, 10pm ALERT ME

The acerbic wit of Dr Gregory House is back this week as the sixth season of medical drama House restarts, and it comes just in time to revive television’s dismal, coma-inducing weekend listings.

The diagnostician is back at his vexatious best, as he takes on the case of an undercover cop posing as a member of a dangerous drug-dealing circle, admitted after experiencing ‘noise-induced vertigo.’

Dr House, if not a little Sherlock Holmesish at times, limps around Plainsboro dispensing his brusque opinions on the world and whilst the medical maverick seems at ease amongst the dial-a-dealers, his diagnostic team are slightly more awkward. Although in all fairness, one of his staff team is that kid off Neighbours!

House’s team make differential diagnoses, testing their theories as they go. Whilst the plethora of rare and unusual diseases featured on the show can be entertaining, it feels that you almost need a medical degree to understand some of the terminology being banded about.

That said, you start to hear such terms as chest drain and sarcoidosis so frequently that you could be forgiven for thinking yourself a qualified diagnostician after a season of House.

The endearing riposte between anti-hero House and his only real friend Dr Wilson acts as a light refreshment to the serious nature of the patients’ often rapidly deteriorating health, and whilst his staff team make pretty implausible mobsters, they are a diverse assemblage of professionals each with a story to tell.

Hugh Laurie’s slightly dubious American accent aside, House should not be dismissed as just another mainstream medical drama. In fact, it should celebrated for breaking the mould set by other programmes by tackling more obscure diseases.

Cate says:

“Hugh Laurie’s slightly dubious accent aside”….WTF are you talking about? He does THE best American accent on TV, perhaps ever. Your review was spot on otherwise, but you pick that to criticize? Fail.