New Doctor Who Has ‘Pinch of Twilight & Potter’

March 5, 2010 by  
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Doctor Who producers have revealed that the new series has taken some elements from cult film franchises, Twilight and Harry Potter. As if the timelord wasn’t popular enough already.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, one of the show’s executive producers, Piers Wenger said that the team wanted to give the series a “fairy-tale feel”.

“We just wanted to make the show look as up-to-date as it possibly could,” he explained. “One of the qualities in Steven’s (fellow executive producer Steven Moffat) writing, and one of Steven’s natural tendencies as a writer, is to write these strange, dark, glittering fairy tales. We wanted to give the look of the series a slightly more storybook, fairy-tale feel – within reason.”

“It wasn’t about suddenly becoming Tim Burton, but it was finding a pinch of that, a pinch of Twilight, a pinch of Harry Potter – but it’s still absolutely, slap-bang, mainstream Doctor Who,” he explained.