JLS To Star In Walkers Crisps Advert

March 5, 2010 by  
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Some may think that they’re noisy enough without a packet of salt and vinegar shoved down their gobs. But this hasn’t deterred JLS from following the likes of Charlotte Church and starring in one of those adverts.

The group told Sky News that they were in awe working with Gary Linekar and F1 champion Jenson button, also in the ad.

Band member Marvin Humes told Sky’s Mark Longhurst: “It’s been great working with Gary – He’s iconic. And when we got down to the set Jenson was there too.

“It was really busy but fun and the ad will be aired on TV this weekend.”

Cheesy band in a cheesy advert? Those with a lactose/ over-exposed band intolerance, look away now.