EastEnders Cast Backlash Over Kat’s Return

March 4, 2010 by  
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We knew that Kat Slater was a bit of a firebrand on-screen, but it turns out that she was also a pain in the backside off-screen as well.

According to The Sun, the EastEnders cast have branded the ‘tart with a heart’ a ‘nuisance’ and handed in a signed petition to show bosses urging them to re-consider Jessie Wallace’s comeback. Strong words indeed…

The actress has signed a one year deal to return to The Square, but cast members led by Steve McFadden are furious with her return and have warned that it will be ‘disasterous’ for the morale of the cast. They’ve even demanded she does not return with screen hubby Alfie Moon this autumn as planned.

“A lot of the senior cast who worked with Jessie the first time round are livid”, said one show insider. “She was a complete nuisance when she was on the show. It would be a disaster for her to come back. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and often upset stars during filming. By the time she left, a lot of them were breathing sighs of relief.”

“Many of the cast saw her as a bully. She was aggressive and difficult to deal with because she was so strong-willed. The petition was handed in last week. It didn’t go down well, but some of the senior cast felt it was a point that had to be made.”

Wallace did have some problems during her original five year stint on the BBC soap which ended in 2005, (she was suspended from the show for two months for her boozy ways in 2003 and also clocked up a drink driving ban).

The BBC have denied receiving any complaints from other cast members.