Party Leaders To Clash In US Style TV Debates

March 3, 2010 by  
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Are you one of the 26 Britons who actually bother voting in general elections?

Then you might be interested to hear that the leaders of the three major political parties will be engaging in three face-to-face television debates in the run up to the election.

The final touches were put inplace yesterday to the format of the American-style confrontations which will take place in front of studio audiences, and are due to be screened during midweek on ITV, SKY and BBC respectively.

Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg (the leader of the Lib Dems) will answer questions from selected audience members without knowing the subjects, although it has been confirmed that there will be no personal political questions. (Eg. “How long have you known that Lord Ashcroft was a ‘nom-dom’ Mr Cameron?” or “Why did you chicken out of an early election Mr Brown?”)

Which will obviously be a bit of a shame…

Each programme will focus on a different subject; domestic policy, the economy and international affairs and will last for 90 minutes. However the dates are yet to be set (as the election has yet to be called).