Larry Lamb “Lazy” Criticism

March 3, 2010 by  
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Larry Lamb has been criticised after making “no effort? in an upcoming documentary.

Famous, Rich and Jobless puts four celebrities out on the streets and challenges them to find work in a bid to raise awareness about national unemployment.

Lamb was sent to Hartlepool but was spotted by the show’s presenter Emma Harrison strolling along the beach instead of job-hunting. Maybe he’s still in a daze after that bop on the head with the Queen Vic bust?

She told Digital Spy: “He just came up with a host of excuses not to engage with what we were trying to do. He hadn’t earned a penny and he didn’t even make an effort to try and find work.?

The show also stars Noel Gallagher’s ex-wife Meg Matthews (now calling herself an interior designer), Irish gardener Diarmuid Gavin and toff totty Emma Parker Bowles.

Emma, head of a back-to-work company, posted on her blog: “[The celebrities] were full of the typical comments the uninformed always make about long term unemployed people. They group them all together thinking that everyone is the same, everyone is fiddling, everyone could get a job etc etc.

“Well… within three days, three of the celebs had found themselves some work and were ‘cheating’ the benefit system and the fourth one had decided to do nothing!?

Famous, Rich and Jobless starts on March 9 at 9pm on BBC1.