First Time Voters Question Time Live: Dermot Dimbleby

March 3, 2010 by  
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It comes every four years* and raises the expectations of a nation to astronomical levels – no we’re not talking about the World Cup, but the General Election.

It may not be as interesting – or as important – as what’s going on in South Africa this summer, but the vote to decide which bunch of suits will be flipping, fibbing and living it up on our behalf may be the closest in decades.

As ever the topic of first time voters is a hot one (with everyone apart from the young people themselves it seems) and with the Co-operative the latest body to call for the voting age to be lowered to 16, the political focus on Britain’s youth has never been so strong.

So who is the man to galvanise the nation’s under-24s? Of course it’s Dermot ‘hot property’ O’Leary. He did X Factor you know. And now he’s presenting a programme designed to help first time voters decide where to put an X on that ballot paper. You see? Oh nevermind…

As much as we love Dermot, we can’t help but think that it might take a more extreme role model to provoke the next generation into suffrage. Indeed we are amazed that Dizzee Rascal was not snapped up by a major party after his memorable appearance on Newsnight in 2008 (probably the first and only time the word ‘innit’ has been used on the programme).

Anyway this live event in which a group of youths will harangue a group of stuffy old men and women should be quite entertaining to say the least, whether any first time voters will actually tune in is a different matter.

*You’re absolutely correct, the last general election was in fact five years ago…