England vs Egypt Friendly: Ten Players And One Playa

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ENGLAND VS EGYPT: Wednesday 3rd March, ITV1, 7.30pm ALERT ME

As footballers become increasingly involved in celebrity gossip columns, legions of non-football fans will be tuning in tonight to see how the recent player scandals might affect the score-line. Many men will be shocked at how enthusiastic their wives and girlfriends are about having the footie on.

See Christine Bleakley’s boyfriend and his tackle! Watch Coleen’s hubby’s ball control! Spy perfume pusher Alex Curran’s hard-kicking hubby!

It’s only a friendly but all eyes will be on the national team to see if the controversy surrounding some players private lives will affect the team’s performance on the pitch. There are fears of a fan backlash towards ex-captain John Terry after tabloids reported on his alleged affair with squad-mate Wayne Bridge’s former partner.

It’s come to something when supporters must be pleaded with not to boo a player who gives nothing but his all for the national side. Manager Fabio Capello told a press conference: “You have to understand that privately some players were not so good, but on the pitch it is different. I hope that tomorrow the crowd help us and do not boo him.?

He has been a naughty boy though and some in the stands will be looking to express their disgust.

The match is sure to be a good one. Egypt’s players might lack the wags but they’ve got the skills – the side won the recent African Cup of Nations and are currently ranked 17th in the world (roughly one hundred places above Scotland).

Can England put their personal problems behind them and ‘let their feet do the talking’?

Meat-loaf lookalike Clive Tyldesley is expected to on commentary duty, so prepare for some completely irrelevant historical factoids about the two teams and constant praise of Wayne Rooney. Perma-gelled Andy Townsend will be alongside him stating the obvious.