Cheryl Cancels ‘Tacky’ Jonathan Ross Appearance

March 1, 2010 by  
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Cheryl Cole has cancelled her slot on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross after saying that such an appearance would be ‘tacky’.

Well what she actually said in a statement was: “It’s tacky, it’s got Jordan written all over it.”

The Girls Aloud singer reportedly wanted to maintain her dignity by not disclosing every last detail of her split with footballer Ashley Cole with the public. Mental!

A source close to Cheryl told People: “It is something that Jordan would do and Cheryl does not want to do anything which would remotely mirror that woman.”

“When Jordan split with Peter Andre she was mouthing off about it left, right and centre and made herself look like an idiot. Cheryl cannot sit down and discuss the ins and outs of her marriage on telly in front of millions.”

The insider added: “She isn’t remotely worried about Jonathan Ross, she can handle him but she thinks it would be wholly inappropriate to go and sit on the sofa despite desperate pleas from the show’s producers.

“Cheryl and her people are now considering her performing the song at the end of the show but there will be no interview.”