Monsters Inside Me Review: The Worms Are Coming

February 27, 2010 by  
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MONSTERS INSIDE ME: Sunday 28th February, Discovery, 9pm ALERT ME

Sunday evening in tellyland is usually a sacred time. Period dramas abound and people try to hawk their family heirlooms on Antiques Roadshow

But what’s this coming over the horizon? Killer flesh-eating parasites? God bless the Discovery Channel.

Monsters Inside Me is the kind of disturbing car crash television that some people can’t get enough of. Hypochondriacs probably shouldn’t watch, but even the most stoic among us will baulk at the tale of a flesh-eating parasite running amok in Texas.

The things are literally gobbling his arm, and before long they’re helping themselves to half the state…

Yes, tonight’s episode deals with parasitic outbreaks from Cryptosporidium to Rat Lungworm (no prizes for guessing where that one comes from), we are exposed to a series of horrific stories which track the onset and aftermath of such epidemics.

Biologist Dan Riskin analyses each case before advising us of why each parasite “is so successful” like an aging football pundit on Match of the Day and the narrator uses his well-honed sensationalist tones (he is surely related to that slack-jawed crazy who does Wildest Police Vides) with great effect.

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but as ever with Discovery, there is still an element of genuine learning mixed in with the CGI money shots which enthusiastically show some nasty worms penetrate a human brain.

“It would be easy to be afraid of going to tropical places again, but that would just be letting the worms win,” says Patrick Bradley, who managed to fight off a life-threatening infection ten years ago.

Errrm… Okay Patrick. Still, he did nearly die I suppose…