Ant & Dec’s Push The Button: Button Buddies

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ANT & DEC’S PUSH THE BUTTON: Saturday 27th February, ITV1, 7.45pm ALERT ME

Is it me or does Dec look like he’s about to devour your soul in this picture? It’s the sort of image you see surrounded by candles arranged in the shape of a pentagram in a satanic church.

Soul-eating aside, perpetually smiling, Wii-promoting, golden-handcuff wearing Geordies Ant & Dec are going to be presenting a new gameshow this weekend – Push The Button.

Two families will be pitted against each other to take home a £100,000 cash prize. Apparently, they’ll face a series of “hilarious? games, challenges and silly costumes, all the while the pot of money drips away. The only way they can stop their cash evaporating is by pushing the button.

It sounds like a cross between the classic game show It’s A Knockout and The Crystal Maze. But can Ant & Dec live up to the bombastic overtones of Stuart Hall or Richard O’Brien?

Ant & Dec appear to be their usual cheery selves “We are so excited about Push The Button, it’s a traditional British family gameshow like the ones we used to watch as kids but with a modern, contemporary twist. We can’t wait to dress up, have fun and act daft with the families and the audience?.

Quite what that “modern, contemporary twist? is remains a mystery. It’ll be quite a challenge to beat a man dressed up as an ice-skating ostrich trying to pop a balloon with his beak.

Frankly your enjoyment of this is going to depend on two things: how much you like Ant & Dec and how much you like naff Saturday night gameshows. If you’re like me and the site of their grinning fizzogs sends your scrambling for the remote, then this isn’t really going to be for you.

If on the other hand, you believe that Ant & Dec are the saviours of light entertainment, then it’ll probably be a lot better than Let’s Dance For Sport Relief on BBC1.

liam says:

very crap get me out of here and takeaway bril

micky says:

Why are we subjected to people who live on a street,most people have no jobs,and live in tower blocks.


darryl says:

ant & dec are very entertaining for Saturday night viewing BUT is it really necessary to use animals and insects for entertainment. Some of them are in danger of being crushed or squashed by unsuspecting contestants.

claire says:

oh my word you sad people complaining about silly things on here if you dont like it just dont watch it you cant like everything and as for un thought about and cheap ad like to see your idea for a programme smarty pants!!! ant and dec are great at whatever they do. fools!!!!!!

Clwyd Smallwood says:

What a load of complete rubbish. I like Ant and Dec on Takeaway and especially in Get me Out of Here, but this is just cheap crap with vey little thought gone into it. I won’t be tuning in again.

Steffi says:

I recorded Ant and Dec’s Push the Button last night and when I played it back, having, with great stoicism, sat through the whole rework of the Generation Game, the last few minutes were not recorded. It’s bugging me, how much money did the top family win on the strange DAVE machine?

M Predeth says:

Normally i like Ant nad Dec, most of their shows are easy to go along with, they are not going to change society, but they have an easy manner and it harks back to Saturday night TV when everyone tuned in, this show however has served them badly, firstly the games themselves apart from repetitive are in the blue peter mould of games shows, secondly allthough most of us are used to the loud cackling audience that we hear on most entertainment shows, this show goes to new limits in the horror that is studio participation noise wise, to the length that you cannot hear some of Ant and Decs audio, hairdresser alert for ANT who did the side parting making him look like billy bunter, the best part of the show was without doubt was without doubt the end. Note to ITV your stars are not the problem but the product they were given. And please stop cheating the viewer with repeating items already shown during the show, we dont need to be reminded about heres whats coming up, heres what happened before the break, etc its cheap TV and defrauds the viewer