True Blood Series 2 Review: Biting Back

February 25, 2010 by  
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TRUE BLOOD: Friday 26th February, FxUK, 10pm ALERT ME

For the last couple of months we’ve been flogging our silver on ebay, filing our teeth down to dangerously sharp points and avoiding the sun like Victorian miners.

Admittedly that final task was made much easier by a truly Baltic British winter, but at last our patience is about to pay off – the fat and juicy new series of True Blood has arrived on our screens.

For newcomers, this is the HBO drama about a group of vampires (and other odd citizens) trying to integrate themselves with the redneck community of quiet Louisiana town, Bon Temps.

Our principal character Sookie is actually not a garlic-fearing blood-sucker, but she is dating one, and she can read people’s thoughts – but not her boyfriend’s (it all fits together quite nicely like that…)

After a climactic finale to the first ‘season’ we could have been forgiven for thinking that the new one would start slowly. Fortunately it doesn’t and before we’ve even poured our first glass of wine we get an eyeful of Miss Jeanette’s open-mouthed corpse (some little bleeder has only gone and cut her heart out!)

This little misdemeanour gives the tempermental Police Chief something to blunder about with, but the rest of the town’s residents are busy with a few other issues.

Remember that Maryann woman? Well it looks like the creepy benefactor-slash-cult leader will be playing a big part in the new series, likewise Jason’s new anti-vamp christian friends, the Fellowship of the Sun (now they definitely are a cult).

Elsewhere Sookie’s fella is having a few problems of his own. As a part of his sentence for killing a fellow vampire to save Sookie, he is instructing Jessica, a newly converted but very enthusiastic teenager in the ways of the undead.

If this opener is anything to go by, the second series of True Blood could exceed the first for blood, guts and most importantly, intrigue. It remains a silly and enjoyable mess, but an excellent series of plot-hooks pull the audience into the story with inperceptable effect.

We just can’t wait to hear what Sam knows about Maryann…