Archer Review: Spy Hard

February 25, 2010 by  
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ARCHER: Tuesday 25th February, Fiver, 10pm ALERT ME

From the people that brought us other such grown-up cartoons as Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo, comes this new series, Archer.

If you’ve never seen or heard of either of those shows (which isn’t unlikely) then feel free to click here and here to educate yourself.

Agent Sterling Archer is a womanising secret agent for spy agency ISIS. He’s a real man-child with serious mommy issues, which comes as no surprise when you find out that his mum, Malory, is his boss. She’s a cat loving, sexually inappropriate older lady who’s not above teaching her son a lesson with torture.

Everybody in Archer’s office hates him for his playboy ways, especially his ex-girlfriend and badass spy, Lana Kane. She’s moved on to sleeping with distinctly average office worker Cyril Figgis but still bears a grudge against Archer.

When Malory tells her son that he’s been taking liberties with his operations account, he hatches a plan to fiddle the numbers so he comes out clean. In order to distract everyone while he cooks the books, Archer tells everyone there’s a mole inside ISIS. But will he get away with it?

You’ll really appreciate the humour if you’re already a fan of Frisky Dingo with which the show has many similarities. If you’re a newcomer then it might take a few episodes for you to get into, but I recommend giving it a solid effort as Archer is unlike anything else on telly right now.

There’s plenty of sex jokes and naughty words you won’t even hear on Family Guy, this is certainly no kids cartoon. It’s like a cross between a Will Ferrell movie and Get Smart, making it very enjoyable but definitely an acquired taste.

The fabulous voicework is provided by SNL’s Chris Parnell, comedienne Aisha Tyler, Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter and Judy Greer. They’re not exactly celebrity names but they’re all a perfect fit.

It might not be an obvious first choice but check it out and you’ll definitely be surprised.