Fern Britton Is A ‘Shameless Fibber’ Says Piers Morgan

February 24, 2010 by  
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It’s safe to say that Fern Britton has been well and truly struck from Piers Morgan’s Christmas card list this morning (frightfully well connected people like Piers are forced to start collating their festive send-outs rather earlier than the rest of us) as he dubbed her a liar in his Daily Mail column.

Britton had criticised the former Daily Mirror editor for the episode of Life Stories in which he interviewed Gordon Brown.

“On and on she droned, in a weird undertaker-style monotone, professing her outraged shock and horror at my ‘tabloid’ line of questioning,” said Morgan.

“This is, of course, the same Fern Britton who spent a decade on This Morning asking vacuous celebrities questions so ‘tabloid’ in their content that most tabloids would reject them as being too dumb.

“And the same Fern Britton who was caught lying to her faithful viewers about her dramatic weight loss – claiming it was all down to eating healthier and cycling, when in fact it was down to gastric band surgery,” he added.

“I used to like Fern. She was kind to me once when I co-hosted This Morning with her for a week (in between telling me quite hair-raising stories about Frank Bough during commercial breaks).

“But there really is nothing that sticks in my gullet more than turncoats like her sticking the boot in, while affecting pseudo-intellectual snobbery. Especially when they are shameless little fibbers.”

Well that settles that…