Desperate Housewives Review: Shooting Insults

February 24, 2010 by  
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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Wednesday 24th February, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

This week’s episode of Desperate Housewives is riddled with moral undertones, which is quite fortunate really because if ever there was a group of people who needed a quick integrity lesson, it’s the residents of Wisteria Lane.

It has been nearly a month since Mike Delfino married Susan Myer, and yet his estranged ex-girlfriend has still not stopped plotting to win the hunky plumber back.

Catherine the pyscho’s behaviour is beginning to alarm the other neighbours too, and since Bree fired her after an erratic display at a wedding they were catering for, she has had even more time to concentrate on her campaign. Unfortunately for her, all the scheming comes back to bite her in the, erm, arm this week, as Susan mistakes her for Julie’s attacker and shoots her.

Across the street, Gaby is also under attack from some of her female neighbours after a child is injured whilst playing at her house with uber-large seven year old Juanita.

In a bid to prove herself as a responsible parent, the yummy mummy throws Juanita the ultimate birthday party which includes a bouncy castle, a clown, a performing monkey and a large Margarita for herself. Needless to say, the “two hours of monkey” that Gaby demands results in the poor clown being carted off in an ambulance following a vicious attack from the exhausted animal.

Bree also finds herself being judged by an outspoken maid at the motel she and Carl have been using for their daily romp, who shrewdly points out that cheating is still a sin (“even if you’re wearing pearls!”) after overhearing Bree lie to Orson on the phone.

Excellent character though she is, we can make out the vestiges of a slightly sterner Monica from Friends or Charlotte from SATC in Bree…

Elsewhere Lynette is forced to hire a sexist new handyman, Julie ends her relationship with the married man and the Bolen family are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their past a secret, particularly as the investigation is still underway as to who strangled Julie.

With the scandals unfolding thick and fast in Wisteria Lane, it is more a case of desperate viewers than desperate housewives!