Damages Review: Court In The Action

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DAMAGES: Wednesday 24th February, BBC1, 10.45pm ALERT ME

“Once Patty meets you, there’s no turning back – she’ll own you? says one character about ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes.

And just one episode in, hit legal drama series Damages has won its case – I’m watching till the end.

The award-winning show – now in its third series – is set in the high-stakes world of New York litigation where nobody can be trusted and stress levels are off the scale.

It centres around the well regarded but much reviled Patty (Glenn Close). She has been appointed by the US government to recover billions of dollars lost to the largest investment fraud in Wall Street history.

Lou Tobin has admitted the fraud – but how much did his family know about it and where is the hidden pile of cash?

Getting between a powerful family and their riches is never going to be easy. These big business brains and their lawyers are happy to play dirty when there’s money involved, but then, so is Patty (she had a witness’s pet dog killed to make them testify in series one).

The narrative leaps around from the present to six months back and to six months in the future, meaning we get a whole year’s worth of action in every episode.

There’s a lot going on already and a central character is dead by the end of this episode. Or should that be the end of the year? Pay attention because the plot twists come thick and fast. And just what is going on with that Chanel handbag?

The tangled storylines of this dog-eat-dog world will keep you enthralled and a cast that includes Martin Short, Rose Byrne and Tate Donovan makes the back-stabbing, bull-sh*tting and bolshy characters all the more real.

I hearby order you to give Damages a go. You’ll be locked in for months. Case closed.